What is the purpose of this conference?

LAS GNOME is a new free and open-source software conference. We want to improve the developer experience, extend software-distribution models, and evolve the desktop experience to match our non-Linux platform competitors.

How? By empowering attendees with the knowledge and resources necessary to create a vibrant Linux application market. We encourage participants to explore subjects spanning from the kernel, to the user experience, to the social and legal questions surrounding the Linux application ecosystem.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be exploring:

  • Ecosystem: business, legal, community, and social issues
  • Platforms: deep low-level topics around hardware, drivers, and tools
  • Distribution: collaborating with established distributions (like OpenSuse), inter-distribution cooperation, QA and continuous integration
  • Development: toolkits, X/Wayland, security, runtimes, SDK, development tools

In addition to planned talks…

There will be social events, hackfests, and workshops that will provide a great opportunity to meet the experts and fellow participants who attend LAS GNOME!



LAS GNOME is the conference to attend if you want to create a business around Linux-based applications, release your applications to multiple distributions at the same time, or create the conditions necessary to reach a wider audience for your current Linux apps. You should attend if you are interested in improving the Linux desktop story across the board. We encourage you to invest the time to make GNU/Linux the platform for both native and web applications.

You can contact us at info@las.gnome.org.


Who should attend?

Developers who already have an application on GNU/Linux

If you already have a Linux supported app and want to extend its reach, have a personal relationship with your users, or want to explore opportunities to monetize your app, then you should attend this conference.

Entrepreneurs and organizations thinking about developing Linux applications

If you are interested in building a product based on free and open source software, want to connect with experienced developers, or wish to find talent to work on your product, then you should attend this conference.

Free and Open source enthusiasts

If you are interested in extending the capabilities of the today’s Linux application ecosystem, building better development tools, becoming a non-kernel hacker, or better understanding and addressing the social and legal issues that encompass the open source community, then you should attend this conference.