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Parkside Mansion

Parkside Mansion

Originally known as the McPhee-McGinnity mansion, this craftsman-style Colonial Revival home was built by Denver’s original lumber barons at the turn of the 20th century. Various renovations over the years have added to the building’s size and amenities, and a complete renovation/restoration in 2015 accentuates the vintage charm while also providing just the right amount of modern luxury.

Conveniently located just minutes from downtown, Parkside Mansion is close to shopping, hotels, restaurants and all sorts of popular attractions. City Park is directly across the street, and provides a breathtaking view of Denver’s skyline against the mountains.


Denver / United States

1859 York St,
80206, Denver
United States

Where to stay in Denver

We recommend these affordable lodging accommodations for your visit.

Mile High Guesthouse

Private and shared bedroom hostel. Approximately $57/a night and about 20 minutes walk from the venue. Geared primarily for students both out of state and internaional.

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