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Our congested technology and product landscape is filled with products and experiences that range from gratifying to frustrating; usable to perplexing. We all have the insight and innate and ability to infer whether an experience or product is usable or well designed, even if we don't have the tools to identify why. Does it serve the purpose you are using it for? Does it evoke positive emotions in its use? Are you motivated to use it again? GNOME and the open source community has a unique quality in that it is comprised of both the builders and users of the products and tools many of us rely on every day. In that way, we have the power and opportunity to shape those experiences to solve our user's goals and hopefully provide delight and satisfaction.

One of the core challenges we are posed while building a product is understanding WHO are users really are, and WHAT they need; what motivates them and in what context are they using our products. This is a challenge because as humans we are often biased by our own perspectives and experiences. This can bias our decisions about how our products should work and what they should do. So how do you jump this hurdle?

A set of methodologies will be outlined, guiding makers and builders toward a better understand who their users are. What are the goals that motivate them, and by extension what they need in a product? This will help to define the product and generate better solutions.

I will walk through several case studies showing how these methods can be applied to real/ open-source projects with provable and measurable results.

Solving problems and creating a pool of happy and enthusiastic users is a goal that drives many makers. I hope to leave people with some new tools to aid in that effort.

2018 September 8 - 17:15
45 min
Libre Application Summit
Application Design and UX