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Matthew is a software engineer working at Endless in San Francisco and has been a passionate Linux user for 8 years. Before Endless, Matthew worked for Red Hat on the desktop team as an intern. In his free time, he enjoys distance running, rock climbing, vegan food, and contributing to FOSS projects.

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Endless is empowering the world by bringing the computing revolution to the people that have been left out due to the barriers of cost and connectivity, and this mission is only made possible by GNOME and other free software. One of the ways we're working on making computers useful in conditions of limited or nonexistent Internet connectivity is by allowing apps and OS updates to be distributed in a peer-to-peer way, over USB drives and local networks. This feature has required significant changes to both OSTree and Flatpak, two of the technologies that underlie Endless OS. These features are in their final stages of testing and deployment, and are at a point where they can be demonstrated. This talk will focus on the technical challenges involved in making offline updates work, as well as the user needs that motivated the work.

2018 September 6 - 16:15
45 min
Libre Application Summit
Universal App Packaging - I.e. Flatpak or Snap