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Audrey Eschright

from Recompiler Media

Audrey Eschright is a writer, community organizer, and software developer based in Portland, OR. She publishes The Recompiler, a feminist hacker journal, and co-hosts the weekly Recompiler Podcast. She's best known for founding Calagator, an open source community calendaring platform; co-founding Open Source Bridge, an annual conference on FOSS contribution and maintenance; her opinions on labor and funding issues in FOSS communities; and a variety of creative projects spanning photography, mapping, and puppet-making.

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The Free/Open Source Software movement is over thirty years old, and has gone through a number of changes in that time, spawning projects large and small. If Free Software is the first wave, and Open Source is the second, current efforts toward creating an inclusive and sustainable environment make up a third wave that we can start to shape into a broader plan. The current state of FOSS gives us a number of challenges to address. We struggle with sustainability and burnout, the failures of “meritocracy”, and both the recruitment and retention of contributors. This talk will survey our history and address the skills we need to move forward, in the areas of community organizing, maintainership, and governance.

2018 September 6 - 10:00
1 h
Libre Application Summit