Presented by:


Ryan Gorley

from FreeHive (formerly Dijt)

Ryan is a seasoned marketing and creative professional. He is the founder and creative director of FreeHive (Formerly named Dijt), an experienced creative agency in the process of migrating completely to free and open-source creative software and working exclusively with artists, illustrators, designers, and developers who share a passion for these tools. Prior to starting FreeHive in 2010, he was a successful marketing executive and creative director at a consumer goods manufacturer and online retailer. He has a masters degree in business administration, with an emphasis on marketing and entrepreneurship. He recently helped launch the marketing and outreach team for the Inkscape project and enthusiastically advocates for greater adoption by, and contribution to, FOSS by creative professionals.

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One need not look far to find brilliant developers contributing to FOSS projects. Can the same be said of brilliant UX designers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals? While not entirely absent, the shortage of these individuals, and their complementary abilities, limits the perceived-value, visibility, and usability of many community-driven projects. Drawing from his own experience as a marketing and creative professional, Ryan Gorley presents some solutions to bring more yin to the yang of the free and open-source community.

2018 September 7 - 15:15
45 min
Libre Application Summit