Joaquim Rocha

Joaquim Rocha

Joaquim is a Senior Software Engineer at Endless and has been working on Free Software for almost a decade mainly in desktop applications or using free desktop technologies in general. At Endless he is part of the core desktop team and focuses on the applications story involving Flatpak and GNOME Software.

Although Joaquim is obviously from Portugal, he lives in Berlin, Germany, with his best friend (who’s also his wife) and their lovely daughter.

Jussi Pakkanen


Jussi Pakkanen is the author of the Meson, the build system people actually like instead of just tolerating. When not fiddling with computers, he can be found drawing, photographing or watching awful movies.

Asheesh Laroia



Asheesh Laroia likes to focus on free software outreach and incentives. His career path, including Creative Commons and a university outreach program to teach open source participation, emphasizes bringing free software ideals to new generations and stakeholders. His hobbies have included bringing the Boston Python user group from 2% women to 20% women, distributing inflatable pink flamingos, and reviewing Debian packages from new contributors. He lives in San Francisco working on community and software engineering at Sandstorm, an open source self-hostable web app suite that welcomes new contributions.

Guy Lunardi

Guy Lunardi is Vice President, Business Development at Collabora, a leading global consultancy specializing in delivering the benefits of Open Source software to the commercial world. A firm believer in Open Source, he is directly involved with Collabora’s customers and development teams around the world and maintains a close relationship with the Open Source community, communicating requirements essential to Collabora’s customers. A native French speaker and fluent in English, Guy has a background in IT management, consulting and software development. Based in New York, NY, he volunteers with the Central Park Conservancy to help keep Central Park beautiful.

Stephano Cetola


Stephano Cetola started his tech career in 2004 driving a delivery truck for a computer forensics company. After more than a decade of hard work (and a bit of luck), he is now employed by Intel and contributing to the Yocto project, a set of tools for creating embedded Linux distributions.

Jim Hall


Jim Hall is an advocate for free and open-source software, perhaps best known for his work on the FreeDOS Project. Jim earned his MS in Scientific and Technical Communication from the University of Minnesota, focusing on the usability of open-source software. Jim has mentored several cycles in GNOME usability testing, and has taught a university course on usability.