An essential part of LAS GNOME

BoFs (Birds of a Feather) and workshops are an essential part of LAS GNOME. These sessions bring together those who are interested in specific topics or areas for targeted brainstorming, planning and work efforts. We’ve reserved the venue for an additional two full days so that you can plan or join a BoF or workshop to meet, collaborate with, and learn from other attendees.

If you have any questions, please email the event organizers at

CC BY SA 4.0 Nuritzi Sanchez

We invite you to participate in any of the following BoF or workshops:
Thursday 09/22/2016
Morning Licensing (with Bradley Kuhn of Software Freedom Conservancy)
Afternoon GTK
Friday 09/23/2016
Main Room Room B103
Morning Builder & FlatHub GNOME Engagement BoF
Afternoon GNOME Engagement BoF

You can sign up for BoFs and workshops that include links. Otherwise, more information on how to register will be given at the conference itself.

To lead a BoF session or workshop, email

Make sure to include the following in your email in order to propose a BoF or workshop:

  • Title of proposed BoF or workshop
  • Event description (2 – 5 sentences)
  • A short bio for yourself (2 – 3 sentences)
  • What date and time do you want to hold the BoF or Workshop (give exact times if possible)

Note: event space is subject to availability and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.